SB TD66BL 6600 WLL 5/16-3/8 CH


Extreme edge gear box placement make this the most versatile binder Speedbinders has produced. Grease zerk is standard equipment. You also receive a protection ring for long life (customer installed). These are designed to work with 5/16 - 3/8 chain.

They have a skinnier hook and ring which allows for hook placement inside most stake pockets. The ultimate for the landscaper, skid loader, and mini excavator operators. Zinc coated rings, hooks and post threads. 24-to-1 gear reduced.

Long handle, extreme offset to bring the gear set closer to the operator for easier operation. The handle is a reaction bar. Needs to be in contact with the floor or equipment for proper tension retention.

This latest version is our highest quality yet. Truly the best binder on the market bar none. Gets chains tighter and is safer and faster than anything on the market. Store your end links inside the barrel when storing and they will be out of the road salt/brine and stay lubricated. Heavy/implement grade paint resistant to chipping, zinc coated, sealed gear box.

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Billing Description SB TD66BL 6600 WLL 5/16-3/8 CH
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