What our clients are saying


I was intrigued and skeptical of these new powered binders. After talking with the owner of the company I decided to try them. I even had one independently tested by a rigging supply company and even they were impressed. These binders save me about an hour a day and that adds up quick. Bottom line, they work as advertised. They will not back off. Set the torque on your drill and hit it but hold on. I replaced all my ratchet binders and now only use these. I can’t say enough, I’ll be a life customer.

-Tom Weida

"Finally pulled the plug and got my Speedbinders! The very next day, I received a load that required eight chains (before this I used to purposely pass up on loads that needed chaining because I didn’t want to deal with the chains). I started on the first chain and before I even got it tight I was kicking myself for not getting these a year earlier. The trucker next to me waiting to get loaded came around his truck when he heard my drill and was very impressed with the ease of use and how tight the chains were. I have since driven that load more than 700 miles, and I have not had to tighten a single binder down — NOT A SINGLE BINDER WAS LOOSE THE ENTIRE TRIP.

I am completely sold on these binders and will be getting four more to make sure I have enough for all the future loads I will be pulling using my chains and Speedbinders!

Thank you for making a great product!"

– Brian@2btrucking.us

"These binders have been a game-changer in our line of work. Before it would take an hour or more to completely bind down a vessel. Since we have been using the Speedbinders, we are completely finished and not worn out in a fraction of the time. Also I have more peace of mind knowing that the craftsmanship is top-shelf."

Thanks again for offering such a great product for the American trucker."

– John Watkins, Watkins 316 Transport