Torque Drive binders are designed to be a safer, faster, stronger alternative to normal ratchet and lever type binders.

Just a quick demonstration on the ease of use with these binders, and of course time savings!

TorqueDrive™ binders get chains tight EVERY time!

-Jim, North Canton, Ohio

"These binders are simply awesome. They get my chains tighter than what I can by hand and are much faster! I was concerned about the chains loosening up, but I can drive 200 miles and they are as tight as when I left. Your arms and shoulders don’t get tired and sore lik" standard ratchet binders.”

Binders that are Built to Last.

Manufactured with heat treated, forged components for a long dependable life. Smooth operation, due to a precision aligned worm gear assembly with grease fitting, for years of trouble free service. This is truly a unique high quality binder.

Our binders help keep the operator’s gloves clean and dry. The operator only needs to hold on to the handle and portable drill. No need to rotate the barrel by hand like traditional binders.

Manual Binders are limited in many ways . Lever binders are dangerous and illegal in many states. Ratchet binders can be time consuming to operate, often needing to be reversed and re-tightened if not enough chain links are attached.  TorqueDrive™ binders are the better choice.

TorqueDrive™ will save considerable time ratcheting down and releasing loads and saving time makes money!