Torque Drive Center Line versions both 5,400 and 9,200 wll -


Torque Drive Center Line versions both 5,400 and 9,200 wll -

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Torque Drive Center Line binders are available in the 5,400 wll 5/16 x 3/8 - G70 model and 9,200 wll 3/8 x 1/2.

Both units have the gear set in the exact middle of the barrel housing for versatile placement.

The 5,400wll has thinner hooks which will allow for placement inside a stake pocket of landscape and smaller compact equipment trailers. Great choice for skid / track loaders, mini excavators and Mud trucks.

We step up the quality a bit on the 9,200wll. Both units have the same gear box, however, the 9,200wll is outfitted with zinc coated threaded posts, rings and hooks for tougher environments and larger equipment.

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Labor costs will go down. Torque Drive Binders will save considerable time ratcheting down and releasing loads. This time saving reduces truck operating time - thus reducing fuel costs, oil changes, maintenance costs, potential overtime or additional fleet and operator requirements.

Ideal for tight areas. In confined situations, Torque Drive can be 20 to 30 times faster, allowing for total powered rotation where a manual binder may only be able to get a quarter rotation or less.

Powers through dirty, neglected threads on binders. Simply adjust the torque setting on your portable drill.

Torque Drive Binders are:

  • Manufactured toWSTDA-T-6 standards
  • G70 Rated
  • 3/8" - 1/2" | 9,200lb WLL (Working Load Limit)
  • 5/16" - 3/8" | 5,400lb WLL (Working Load Limit)